About Us

Rathdrum Law serves a historically under-represented community.

Soon after Jonathon Frantz and the team at Post Falls Law founded the firm in 2016, they discovered that Rathdrum too lacked the legal resources a community of its size deserved. Rather than enjoying legal support of attorneys from the area, Rathdrum’s citizens depended instead on Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, and Hayden lawyers.

In 2018, Post Falls Law established its Rathdrum Law branch, staffing it with dedicated and talented attorneys and paralegals. Together, they are excited to provide the law services and legal counsel the beautiful city of Rathdrum needs. Their areas of expertise are vast and together provide a wide array of legal help to the North Idaho area.

Rathdrum Law is founded upon moral principles, ethics and integrity. Law doesn’t need to be complicated. We find simple solutions and keep law straightforward for our clients.

Our Team

Jonathon Frantz

Kurt Schwab

Bryce Myrvang

Chris Williams

Field Herrington

Diana Hudson

Kristin Berg

Talia Fairchild

Maleah Davison

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